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this is the "bill press show." converstion started next. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. john fugelsang: if you believe in states rights but still support the drug war you must be high. cenk uygur: i think the number one thing viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is about being up to date so a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: twenty-six minutes after the hour. here we go it is the "full court press" here on thursday march 21st. we reported yesterday and talked a lot about harry reid making the unilateral decision in the senate that he was so sure
. >> they could go all of the way. >> let's send it over to bob who is in the middle of this crowd for marin software, bob? and they brought everybody including their mother down here. one of the fun things about this is everyone brings their family and there are all sorts of people, wife, aunts and uncles and i'm talking to various people from different parts of the world. the bottom line is it has the cloud-based technology. right now we're looking at 1850, and somewhere around there. remember, 7 million shares and they upped that. the price talk was 11 to 13 and pricing at 14 and now we're looking at 18.50, somewhere around that. good numbers here and 4 million and $15. we have another one today. wes corp. the phone service provideir and know you were talking about a big week for ipos. we had the model and all pricing above their initial price and all doing very well. i counted 27 ipos so far this year, and i talked to the ipo financial about that. 21 of them have priced above their initial price. 21 out of 27 and those are good numbers. i guess the question is, where are the rest of them
'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. the sweatshirt is nice and all but i could use a golden lasso. (vo) only on current tv. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? >> this is "the full court press: the bill press show," live on your radio and on current tv >> bill: you got it 25 minutes after the hour now, what do you say on a monday morning, great to see you this morning. we are talking about the post-more item. they are kaupingcalling it the autopsy. reince p. rebius saying here is what we did wrong in november 2012 and here is how we could fix it. including one of the things the report
day today. >> let's check in with bob pisani with more on what is moving this morning. hi, bob. just three points away from the all-time closing high. 1562 is where we are. 1565 the all-time closing high. we see homebuilders's little bit higher and now that cyprus is sort of done, reducing volatility on the markets and the focus will shift to the fundamentals and what's going on. you know the bulls' argument and we have reasonable valuations and accommodative central banks and two things are worrying me and is the commentary last week and it was terrible. bell weathers like fedex, caterpillar, tibco software coming out with very poor commentary. i think that's a real worry for people. nobody's worried their overall commentary and we're expectation 10% increase in earnings for your 2013. another issue is the whole seasonality thing and i know sell a man, go away and sounds like an old wives tale. it's not, folks. there's been tremendous buy-in to this concept in the last several years as the numbers have become more supportive that on the idea that the period from november to april ou
govern, when they really had a -- bob strauss came along. you know, like you, as a party chair and tried to rebuild out of what goodwill and a little bit of b.s., i guess, from bob. the idea was to rebuild. sometimes you just have to say, we have to hunker down, admit we're not too popular, and just hope time's going to change? what can you change with a political party? does any party ever say, let's do it different? and get away with it? clinton? >> well, yeah, i think bill clinton did that with the d.o.c. and sort of changed the direction of the party on policy. they've got to do that. the first thing i would do, were i a republican chair, is i would promote republicans. i'd give exposure to republicans who were pro-choice, who believe that a woman has a right to choose. i would try to show we are truly a big tent. i would try to put someone up who like marco rubio on immigration and say, look, this is the republican party position on immigration. if you house members don't want to follow it, that's on you, but this is where we are. we are -- our policies are going to reject -- oflect
right now along with hank is jason pride, peter schiff of euro pacific capital and our own bob pisani. peter schiff, let me kick it off with you and get your take on what's going on in cyprus right now. what's the impact? >> a lot of people are hoping what happens in cyprus stays in cyprus. i wouldn't be so sure. i think bank depositors including depositors here in the united states have to be concerned about the value of their deposits. because if we have a major bank failure in the united states, you know, there's no way the fdic has the money to cover the potential losses. so we would have to have a huge bailout like t.a.r.p. and where would the money come from? and even if there is a bailout and the fed has to print money, the losses to depositors to inflation will be far greater than what the cyprus depositors are losing due to this tax. >> hank smith, it is pretty extraordinary depositors have to pay for a bailout they didn't necessarily authorize. what do you think about what peter said? is this a recipe that would be used elsewhere in the world? >> i highly down it, maria. loo
reporters to opinion columnist. there's a famous scene in bob woodward's, his last book about the iraq war where paul wolfowitz brings in columnists from "the atlantic," one from what was formally "newsweek" and says i'm bringing you in as advisers to pitch the war to the american people. >> i'm with you. you're dead right. if anybody was there, they have to answer for it. lawrence lindsay, white house economic adviser at the time, made war with iraq make it sound like it wouldn't cause a dent in the economy. "the likely economic effects would be relatively small. if the united states goes to war in iraq to depose saddam hussein." "the key issue is oil and a regime change in iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil which would tend to lower oil prices here." there's more of this. >> oil prices went up. the number i always used to say when i talk about iraq often and paul and i would have these debates and when this was really in conscience, $20 billion on air-conditioning in iraq per year during the height of the year. $20 billion on air-conditioning in iraq and afghanistan. >> in 20
to finish the week strong here. >> but will it be enough to be positive for the whole week? bob pisani with the latest market averaction. >> widespread belief things are going to be fine in cyprus. a year ago, they would have panicked. but that's not the case. very different attitude now than a year ago. take a look at a few groups that are moving. steel stocks, weak. what a mess. ak steel, that's probably a ten-year low, $3. they gave a warning on their guidance, on epps. steel stocks doing nothing. very interesting journal story about how hmos have been warning some suppliers and customers that they may have to double their fees for next year, because of the higher costs associated with obama care. you see some declines there as well. for the week, the major indices, believe it or not, this would be the worst week of the year. and essentially, all the major indices are down fractionally. and i say for the s&p 500, down 0.4%, an indication of how strong we've been all throughout the year. i'll have the final numbers in just half an hour. guys, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. n
you soon, guys. thanks very much. >>> and it was an up and down week for stocks. bob pisani now recapping all the action. >> bottom line is we ended not far from the highs of the day, not enough to get us into positive territory for the week. look at the dow. what a difference a year makes. if this would have been a year ago, going into uncertainty on a major event happening in cyprus, we would have been selling, now everybody's buying because we think everything's going to work out okay. a different attitude than there was a year ago. different look at some of the earnings. micron, nike, tiffany, all with positive numbers. look at those nice moves up. it still didn't erase the memory of earlier in the week when we had oracle, fedex, caterpillar. those are bellwether names and they really weighed on the markets. we had a lot of ipos this week. a little bit disappointment with marin software. priced at 14, opened at 19. my heavens, that was a big open. i'll tell you my rule here. any time an ipo opens at the top and ends at the bottom, i don't care what the price is, that's a lit
two distinguished senators, a demonstrate from new hampshire and bob corker, republican from tennessee. senator sheen, let me begin with you. what do i see here? you took out the sequester. that's out of this new budget and put in another trillion dollar tax hike which my friend jech sessions says it's really lie 1.5 trillion. i don't see this as a gat vote or any good for the economy either. >> well, i think you're wrong. the fact is taking out the sequester is one of the best things that the budget does. in new hampshire we're already seeing the impacts of that sequester. our second largest city will have the tower closed because of the sequester. it's one of the busiest aviation airports in new england. we're seeing workers at our naval shipyard who will be furloughed and small businesses all across new hampshire who are being affected by that. you know, the best way we can deal with our debt and deficit long term is to grow the economy and that's what this budget does. it recognizes we need to invest long term. we need to cut spending and it does that. it does not do that. >> we ne
and the pumper wound up here because this was part of half the fire. this is bob. when he had deposited the three engines there, he left them and said i have to go check on things down the road. he didn't know if there was an engine down there. he drove down and had a conversation with the captain that lasted about five minutes. in which they discuss the situation that engine 57 was in. i spent an entire chapter in the book talking about the discussion. it is one of the touchiest things that happened on the fire. there has been a lot of grief about it. i spent more effort on that chapter, i think, than i did on anything else. i have talked to the people who comment about what he said. talked to the people who are here today. those who talked directly after this and have challenged his accountability. in chapter seven, it is solid. it isn't the only time that it is mentioned in the book. there is an appraisal farther on in their are some remarks about him earlier. i got an e-mail from bob after i had him read the book. got him one of the first copies. and he said it is fine with me. i accept what
very close in the s&p this morning, coming within a point of its all-time closing high. bob pisani on the reversal of fortune and when that new high might come. >>> later, young people buying retirement homes, you say. well, it's happening a lot, actually. why some say it's a better investment right now than a 401(k). that's later on "the closing bell." >> really? >> yes, it is. >> wow. they don't have pictures of my kids. they don't have my yoga mat. and still, i feel at home. could it be the flat screen tv? the not so mini fridge? ♪ the different free dinner almost every weeknight? or maybe, it's all of the above. and all the rest. am i home? nope. but it almost feels that way. homewood suites by hilton. be at home. homewood suites by hilton. anbe a name and not a number?tor scottrade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scot
the palestinians aren't in a frame of mind right now to have negotiations. >> i want to bring in senator bob kasey, a member of the foreign relations committee. good to see you, senator, good morning. >> good to be with you, thank you. >> he and prime minister netanyahu as we've been talking about have had their differences. how important do you think some old-fashioned one-on-one time might be this week? >> well, i think that helps, but i think the personal relationship between two leaders is of less consequence and significance than what they do together. and in this case, you have really a very strong, unshakable bond and a relationship that has led to a worldwide consensus on sanctioning the iranian regime to stop their nuclear program. you also have the great cooperation between our two governments on the iron dome, missile defense system which is no longer theory, we've seen it work and save lives and reduce the risk to people in israel. so i think it's more important what they do together than whether or not they have a personal relationship. frankly, i think some of the reporting on this i
especially want to acknowledge the work of bob besso, michelle kimbalt and acknowledge the work of the developer who worked in good faith to resolve these issues. and if i may, i'd like to ask john kwong of the department of public works if he's here. is mr. kwong here? okay, my understanding was that he would be here, but that's fine. as mr. kwong is aware, we have a resolution that will involve certain work that will be done by this developer to address some of the issues raised by the neighborhood. so, with that understanding, i would ask that we move forward and approve this item. thank you. >> thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 9. >> item 9 is an ordinance amending the administrative code to rescind the sunset clause in the san francisco bonding and financial assistance program. >> same house same call? this ordinance is passed on first read. madam clerk, can you call items 10 and 11 >> item 10, ordinance a appropriating approximately $2.77 million of fee revenue for the planning
housing partnership, paul kumar from nuhw, bob prentiss who was a member of the blue ribbon panel, [speaker not understood] former health commissioner and also another member of the blue ribbon panel, ken barnes, st. lukes doctor, also blue ribbon panel. professor hair aston at the [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] from cna. as well as michael lion from gray pantherses. and i mention them in part because all of you ~ were really truly instrumental in the last few years at helping us understand issues from the community perspective. i probably missed some names and i apologize for that, but i just want to give my deep felt thanks to all of you in the community who worked hard to get us to where we are today. we still, regardless of what happens today, have a long ways to go and the conversations will continue. but i just wanted to acknowledge folks up at the start. and with that, supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to echo your remarks around the community of partners that have been working on this for so many years. and, you know, there have bee
, professor bob cherney who previously certificatedctionv -- served on the landmarks advisory board and other neighborhood advocates that said that they had some concerns that he would not be as sensitive to preservation as they would like. ~ i've also received a number of correspondences from others from self-help to the elderly to many projects he's worked on, people that are supportive of him. it's the architectural historian position that we are approving the appointment of and i'll just say that he has been working on the alexandria theater which is one of our key landmarks in the richmond district and i have had the pleasure of working with him directly on that project. i'm willing to listen and to share some of the concerns from the preservation community, but i'll be supporting mr. pearlman today in this vote. thank you. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. after hearing supervisor mar -- he brought up a few comments,, and i know as a member of the rules committee i received some of those same comments. and i want to thank you very much for bringing those to our attention. i know choosi
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and c o oavment bob electric sway and president and c o e dennis callahan and executive director dave metcalf, e c a karen inc.,el and inner city advisers jose conia and typely going to have to forgive me if i miss some of you and so you can send me another or someone else will help me when they get up here and so welcome to the public officials in the room. supervisor carmen chu and scott wiener and supervisor eight district san francisco monique myoand executive director port of the san francisco and general forerodney phoning, president of s f planning commission and, from the city of oakland. deana santana city mr., fred blab below assistant city administrator robert bert bra burn director on the board and councilmember knoll gallow district five. city attorney, barbara parker, debra ally smith director port of oakland so we have our two port directors in the room which, is wonderful and if i miss someone please forgive me or come up and harass me about it latter. we had a. q. year at the business times, i'll say in 2012 and everything is up, print six declaration, web audi
. >> bob, how much of this -- what has really been extraordinary market activity. it is the beginning of something that could really be nice. after 12, 13 years where people don't even believe buying hold anymore. they don't believe it. maybe we're starting something. how much of that a femoral because of the fed and how much is improvements maybe caused by the fed? >> you know it's something i've been thinking a lot about lately. you wonder how much the fed is really impacted, you know, this recovery that we have seen. is the market and the economy really able to sort of stand on its own right now? and i don't think the answer is a really quite clear. you know, certainly you would see a market react if the fed were to reduce the amount of bond purchases they're doing on a monthly basis. the numbers are in comprehendible. you can't wrap your head around $85 billion a month. >> no. >> it's kind of ridiculous. but i think the economy is really at a point where it would probably be able to move forward. just maybe not at the level that we're seeing. i think we could get back to sort of a
'm under the impression bob muscat who currently has the seat that is expiring is a city employee. so, i guess it's unclear to me, are we changing the rules or are we now enforcing them, is it an oversight? what exactly? maybe he doesn't work for the city and i'm mistaken. >> i can't tell you about him personally. i wasn't involved in his appointment. i can tell you we're not changing the rules. this was a voter adopted measure in 2002, i believe, that set the qualifications for these positions and in that ballot measure, the voters restricted the city employees and officers could not hold these positions. >> okay. colleagues, can we move to continue consideration of seat 2 to the call of the chair? >> yes, so moved. >> any objections? seeing none, so moved. now we would be hearing from the applicants for seat number 1 and 3 in the order they appear in the agenda. if kia omotalade. >> supervisor, sorry to interrupt, this is a technical thing. i recommend you rescind that vote and take all the votes on each of the seats, including the vote to continue seat number 2, after hearing public c
is nonexistent. >> they allow me to go to work every single day. john: on that note we are out of time. bob dane and veronique de rugy thank you. drinking and drugs coming up. [applause] but the founder of wholefoods is your next. gotcha ! got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrende the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. ♪ your fininances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan. john: we are back with the "students for liberty" conference. how many think you want to go into business when you graduate? may be more than half. how many have friends that think business is evil? we know they are wrong it has done more to lift people out of poverty than any government program but it is still vilified on college campuses. i was a consumer reporter winning emmys calling for government regulation against busines
them. texas rancher bob mccann says his herd is smaller than it used to be. >> it's going to be hard to rebuild the herd. >> reporter: curt mallory says it won't just impact american food costs but global supply. >> if anybody has a marginal or total crop failure, it's going to start impacting worldwide the availability of those commodities on the food shelf. it's that critical. i've never seen it in my lifetime. >> reporter: the national weather service isn't providing much hope. its new spring forecast calls for warmer than normal temperatures with little relief from the drought. for "nightly business report," jane wells, moore park, california. >>> and coming up, first smoking, then cholesterol levels. now one company is asking employees to weigh in. or pay up for health insurance. is it a motivation to get healthy or an invasion of privacy? first, though, let's attack a look at how the international markets finished the day. >>> we don't have to tell you the cost of health care is skyrocketing, especially for big companies providing coverage for thousands of workers. but there's
or not bob muscat was a city employee and the city attorney has just informed me that he's not a city employee, but he is the executive director of local 21. so, that is why he was able to serve on the oversight board. >> okay. >> so, this isst
fields with authority! florida gulf coast with a upset of two seed georgetown. 78-68 and bob thomasen trying to take down miami. shane larkin drives and scores. miami up 21 at the break. big game from duran scott. miami moving on 78-49. they'll meet illinois next. >> major upset, fourth seed kansas state against la salle. rodney lays it in for the wildcats. up by one with 30 seconds left. and jordan right on the rebound. makes both freethrows. and angel rodriguez and la seawall with the upset. 63-61. >> and ole mis and knocks off wisconsin. he could fall out of bed and knock down jumpers. to henderson here, a lot of people had the badgers as final four sleepers but they are out cold for good. ole miss moves on. >> ucla crushed by minnesota and 11th seed, and five of the nine 3's. minnesota up by 11. any glimmer of hope ended by joel throwing it down. minnesota wins big, 83 to 63. tomorrow night cal will look to move on to the sweet 16 first time since 1997. they will have to beat syracuse. they destroyed montana last night 81-34. most lopsided in tournament history for a team seeded t
glimmer of the hope for bruins ends, minnesota a winner, 83-63. pacific coach, bob thompson as tigers try to take down two seed miami. good luck. miami up at the break. duran scott, five of 8 from beyond the arc. 78-49 against uop and they will play illinois next. cal will play syracuse and a spot in the sweet 16. they won their opening game 81-34. you heard the score right. syracuse big power and used to big stage but their coach worried about containing the pac-12 player of the year, alan crabbe. >> she tremendous shooter. one of the better shooters in the country. their point guard made so many really big plays. the game would have gone the other way but he made huge plays. >> miami extends their winning streak up to 25 games of them beat the pistons. they have lost ten that row. lebron, 29 points and bobcats are up next for miami. the weather outside was frightful. incredible scene for the u.s.a.-costa rica soccer world cup qualifier played in denver. they had to use yellow and purple ball. the only goal in the blizzard and the u.s. wins it 1-nil. mike shumann will be here for with al
of clarification, i think we had questions about whether or not bob muscat was a city employee and the city attorney has just informed me that he's not a city employee, but he is the executive director of local 21. so, that is why he was able to serve on the oversight board. >> okay. >> so, this is just a matter of clarification. thank you. >> thank you very much. [speaker not understood]? >> all right, thank you, supervisor yee and supervisor breed and supervisor cohen, for having this hearing for mental health board seats. we didn't have quorum the past two meetings, so, it will be great to have some new and excited passionate people along with hopefully reappointments of some of the people who have already served. the mental health advisory board is a state mandated board, and every county in california has a board, a mental health board or commission. and they range in number size from 5 to 17 that we have here in san francisco and that we have in los angeles. the seats are a mix of about a third family members, people with a family member with serious mental illness and clients or cons
while embracing oughtmation. nbc's bob dotson has its story. >> reporter: american industry was built by immigrants. look beyond quarterly profits. this factory in norwell, massachusetts, still does. the company makes symbols. he has been testing them more than half a century. >> you are not going to find would of these that are the same. >> reporter: mark is confident the 70 workers on the production line will always have good paying jobs. >> i have been here 26 years in june. i have never seen a layoff here ever. >> reporter: because no one competes with a machine. when a it is a is automated, the employee is taught another one. george has been rerained seven times in 40 years. >> how are you? >> reporter: for 15 years, the owner has offered incentive pay not just for working faster and producing more but for jobs that are done right the first time. >> there were only would months out of hose 15 years when we haven't had a payout. >> reporter: because every person on the line just approve the work they do. >> 100% made in usa. >> reporter: that's a big reason why debbie's sister, th
. they will be off this coming weekend due to easter sunday. >> bob: i was going to say something. our poll on cbs was 41,700 yes, 261 no. >> dana: i want to mend you making the show a sandwich. we started with a bunch of knucklehead fighting and ended with a bunch of knucklehead fighting. >> eric: leave it here. happy holidays. >> shannon: a scary thought, imagine the government compensating 40% of your savings. this is "special report." >> shannon: good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. citizens are going to feel a major pinch, something unthinkable in this country. greg palkot has the lead story tonight. >> the people of cyprus got the news they wanted but it will to be happy about. they have been saved from bankruptcy. one of the biggest banks will be shut down in part of a broader, economic slowdown here. >> it's too bad. >> bad. >> why? >> too bad. >> small depositors would be protected but people with bank account of $130,000 or more could see 40% or more seized by the both to pay for the bail-out. >> our deposits are not safe. >> european union officials defended the approach a
bob corker of tennessee says he could envision raising tax revenue if democrats embrace big changes to medicare and social security. corker's position on sunday puts him at odds with other members of his party including house speaker john boehner who's ruling out the prospect of any new taxes. >> i think there by the way is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things and we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think republicans, if they saw true entitlement reform, would be glad to look at tax reform that generates additional revenues and that doesn't mean increasing rates, that means closing loopholes. it also means arranging our tax system so that we have economic growth. >> i don't know whether we can come to a big agreement. if we do, it will be between the two parties on capitol hill. the president got his tax hikes on january the 1st. the talk about raising revenue is over. it's time to deal with the spending problem. >> the speaker went on to say he agrees with president obama that the country does not face an immediate debt crisis.
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. but today bob massi has some invaluable advice for renters. that's next. >> brian: then think your woman is cheating or you have a cheating husband? she gets a billboard to get revenge. you'll see the ultimate revenge taken so everyone can see. hi, jennifer. hi,[ michael. >> steve: many americans want to own their own home. sometimes renting is the better option. so how can you make sure you're protected as a tenant against things like damage or foreclosure? fox news legal analyst and real estate expert bob massi is here with answers and joins us from vegas, baby. good morning to you. >> hey, steve. >> steve: first one, i've had this problem and maybe you can answer it. if you are a tenant, bob, and you signed a lease, what do you do to forget yourself as it relates to the condition of the house? the reason i mentioned it, i had this problem when i had a place on the upper east side of new york city. when i left, the guy who owned the place said, i'm not going to give you any of your money back, the security deposit, because the couch was dirty. boohoo. he had to clean the couch. but i d
friends, the drowns, and i think bob and carol finch were very good friends. even though finch was sort of pushed, when fib. came the -- finch came to work with him, he was sort of pushed out. but he was, um, he was, he was sort of a friendless, lonely man in many ways. and particularly as president. but i think the key to him, the key to his failure as a president were two things. sort of the combination of having great power, enormous power which he'd never had before, and you can see him exercise it after he's elected. some of these loony memos addressed to mrs. nixon from the president. [laughter] and it was very, and -- >> loving. >> coming from, he suggested that they should commission a book about the most maligned politician in american history or the great comebacks in history. and where's this coming from? [laughter] and so you can see, and you can see the side that he was sort of this come by nation of great power and great insecurity, and that's a deadly combination. a really deadly combination. and i think that's what finally brought him down. >> something that struck me, o
, and that's 30 republican governors across the country. [cheers and applause] >> people like bob mcdonald, scott walker, john kasich, susana martinez, chris christie, brian sandoval. these are the people we need to listen to and make sure their message is heard loud and clear across the country. martha: he included in that group governor bob mcdonnell of virginia, and governor chris christie of new jersey both of whom were not invited to speak. >> he could have included matt america's ade. they know what works in terms of washington which has a lot of theories about what should work. governors have to balance their budget every year, have to live within your means. washington could take lessons from many of the governors, martha. martha: i think you'll see a lot of focus in the blue and purple states as mitt romney said where republican governors are doing well. some wonder why a couple of those names were not included in the conference. there is a new report where they acknowledge the technological shortcomings for one thing and the outreach that needs to start now if republicans hope to
. but we want to begin with dr. bob arnott, a paid medical consultant for monster energy. welcome, doctor. >> good morning, carol. >> cynics might say monster is changing its labels to avoid lawsuits. for example, a maryland says their 14-year-old died after drinking two monster energy drinks within a 24-hour period. so this sudden decision to relabel seems suspect to some. >> it's really interesting. i looked at that case in great definition and it's quite clear she died from my car dits, and there's zero relevance between caffeine and sudden death. in terms of the change of label, all energy drinks that have have been labeled as supplements have been suspect. in the sense that you say supplement, and automatically there's this cloud of you in terms of saying something's a supplement. the idea was, they wanted to get out from under that cloud to label as a food or a beverage. so i want to make one point really clear, that as monster intends to continue to report any adverse effects to the fda, so it's not trying to duck out from that, it just wants to get out from the cloud of being labe
, that was "the five"'s co-host bob beckel fired up over the cbs reality tv show called "the amazing race." we first told you about this yesterday. they not only learned a song, but went to the memorial for the next clue. that was the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down. of the six crew members, four bailed out and were p.o.w.'s and the remaining were mia and assumed killed. and watch how it played out on the show. >> they must now make their way to the b-52 memorial site of the wreckage of a b-52 bomber shot down during the the vietnam war and where they'll find their next clue. >> here? wait, wait, wait. >> oh, there's the-- >> this is a double u-turn. >> alisyn: now the head of the american legion is demanding an apology from cbs writing to the cbs president, quote, as national commander of the 2.4 million american legion as a vietnam war veteran i would like to register my disappointment at the disgraceful slap in the face to american war heroes during your show the amazing race. another vietnam veteran joins us, he was shot down over enemy territory and become a prisoner of war in vietnam
that to leader bob of coca-cola out of my cold, dead hands. more important things to deal with. you said it. the lunar landscape. the pothole that swallows up your car and forces you to have to take a reverse mortgage but pay to fix it. meantime, not even a bump in the bike path and there is no bicyclist using it. you scratch your head and wonder where the priorities are. lou: where are the priorities? >> the food stamp thing you cannot entirely blame on @%oomberg. this is a problem with the when the program is structured. a federal government pays the entire cost of food stamp benefits. if you are a mayor or governor is in the interest of you state and city just in terms of the flow ofoney that as many people sign up for footsteps possible. maybe not in the interest of the city's culture dappled and another government. lou: i was trying is somewhat different conclusion, thinking that irrespective of who pays for it that you have a number of people who would be in need of it doubled during your administration. not a happy reflection on the state of the economy, nor their governance of is fa
a las tres prostitutas que dijeron haber tenido relaciones sexuales con el senador democrata bob menendez. abogados de la union americana de libertades civiles denuncian que miles de indocumentados encarcelados no tienen derecho a una audiencia para determinar si sus detenciones son justificadas. mas esta tarde. >> ♪ ♪ >> llego la hora de lluvsana o c cecilia >> este grano te hace bajar de p peso >> ninguna >> ¿como que le sinteresa la r parte de bajar de peso? >> la nutricion, ello mÁs im importante >> a m i me gusta lo que me a d ayude a bajar de peso >> no oigan a barbara >> es impresionante que te ali e alimenta de un a forma impres impresionante y te ayuda a bajar de peso >> para almuerzo y comida >> esto es lo que se llama un u sÚper alimento, la quinoa, es n uno de los temas que deseo co a compartir con ustedes porque es impresioantne coincidio que la s semana de pasadael gobierno de b bolivia hizo una gira por es estados unidos para dar a c conocer est a semilla ancestral conocida como el oro de lo siins >> se le considera como un gr o grano, pero e suna se
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